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As we’re writing this article, it’s September 2018 and the winter months are fast approaching, chasing up somewhat of a heat wave (by British standards). Many Woking homeowners will be dreading this colder period, remembering how chilly their home can get and how much more arduous it makes the morning pre-commute routine. But sometimes this discomfort can be minimised, by general maintenance and repair of uPVC windows, aluminium bifold doors, double glazing units and even that all important portal – the front door.

After all, a huge amount of heat can escape your property if windows and doors are even partially damaged. The same can be said if you have very old and inefficient windows which, while not damaged, are prone to letting hot air escape. That’s why in this article, Pro-Fit Windows Ltd has outlined some essential window and door maintenance tipss that’ll help Woking clients prepare for the cold snap. If you’re more interested in finding out more about the products and services detailed across this website, pick up the phone and call 0208 2888 893.

How to Prepare Your Windows and Doors for the Oncoming Winter Season

Carry Out a Comprehensive Visual Check

Go throughout your home and check on all interior and exterior windows and doors. Ensure everything is working as it should be, and identify anything that might be cause for concern. Pay special attention to the seal around a front door, aluminium bifold doors, uPVC windows and any other fixtures that might feature double glazing. One of the biggest factors we encounter when attending to Woking properties, is seals which have been compromised and are allowing heat to escape. If you’ve noticed your heating bills creeping up, this could be the issue.

Tighten Loose Fittings

If during the prior inspection you find any fixtures or fittings are loose, for example the hinges on your front door / aluminium bifold doors, or the handles on your uPVC windows, it’s worth tightening them ASAP. This might involve a screwdriver or lubricating the mechanism. If you’re unsure how to tighten up loose fixtures, there are guides available online. Failing that, give us a call for expert advice. As the Woking area’s top choice for double glazing, windows and doors – we’re always happy to offer our expertise and help you out of a bind!

Replace Broken Fixtures

During the summer months, it can be tempting to put off replacing or fixing a partially faulty front door, uPVC windows or aluminium bifold doors. The weather’s nice and you’re not hugely concerned about the particular fault your suffering impacting security. But once that temperature drops… Trust us, it’s worth doing! Broken windows and doors can cause your energy bills to sky rocket, in addition to the aforementioned security concerns. If these are timber fixtures which have warped, rotten or otherwise become structurally unsound, we recommend replacing them with modern materials like our quality uPVC windows, or aluminium bifold doors. It’s a great opportunity to also upgrade to double glazing, and make your home cosier and cheaper to run!

Weatherproof Windows

If you have timber windows or a timber front door, bifold doors etc. then keep in mind regular maintenance is required. You’ll need to treat them with a weather-resistant paint. The best time to do this is before the winter rolls round and causes said fixtures to cope with extra environmental stress. This required maintenance is one of the reasons why we recommend Woking clients invest in uPVC and aluminium products, which only ever require a wipe down from time to time, and are resistant to all the aforementioned problems.

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