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A functioning roofline is made up of three vital components: fascia, soffit and guttering. Together, they ensure your roof keeps out the elements and can efficiently direct rainfall away from your property through its drains. The fascia is either a softwood or uPVC board that’s attached to the exposed edges of your rafters. It seals up your roofline to prevent moisture from getting inside your roof space, and also provides support for roof tiling and guttering.

Soffits sit between the outer edges of a roof and the property’s adjacent wall, sealing up the rafter feet. You can see it by standing directly underneath your roof overhang and looking up, however not all roofs have one. They are also manufactured in softwood and uPVC formats. Guttering collects rainfall and directs it away from the roof into your drainage system; it’s almost always manufactured from uPVC. Pro-Fit Windows Ltd is the first port of call for domestic and commercial clients looking to replace fascias, soffits and guttering with long-lasting and high performance uPVC products, available at distinctly competitive prices.

Stylish Fascias

While they do fulfil a vital practical purpose, it’s important not to forget the impact quality fascia boards can have upon the curb appeal of a property. To this end, we supply and install fascia boards in a range of styles and colours to match your property. Traditional fascias are ideal for period properties, while we have more modern boards that are sleek and minimal, ideal for contemporary homes and premises. Pro-Fit Windows Ltd recommends uPVC fascias as they are resistant to many of the issues that plague their softwood cousins, such as: rotting, warping, pest infestation and swelling.

Our uPVC fascias boards are available in 8 different colours, and in a range of finishes including wood grain. They come with 20 year guarantees against cracking, warping and discolouration and are built 18mm thick, ensuring they have a long-lifespan and withstand even the most inclement of weather conditions.

Long-Lasting Soffits

As with our fascias, we stock soffits in a range of styles to meet all requirements. This includes vented soffit boards that help maintain airflow within loft spaces, making them especially suited to converted attics. We also have hollow soffit boards, which are lightweight and cost-effective. Then we have the “standard” flat boards; all three varieties can be colour matched to ensure perfect integration with your wider property and existing fascias and guttering.

Our soffits are built to last, and as such come with the same 20 year guarantee you’ll get with a Pro-Fit fascia. Unsure whether standard, vented or hollow soffits will best meet your particular needs? Speak with our team for free, no obligation advice. We’ll ensure you find the perfect product!

High Performance Guttering

Guttering that is, for one reason or another, not fit for purpose can cause serious issues with your entire roof. Its inability to properly route rainfall away from your property and into its drains will mean damp gets inside your roof space, causing leaks or leading to roof timbers rotting, as well as mould growing within your property.

You need reliable and robust guttering that can easily deal with heavy rainfall and properly channel water away. That’s exactly what you get with Pro-Fit Windows Ltd’s uPVC guttering, designed and built to modern quality standards. As with our other roofline products, our guttering comes in a range of styles: universal, half-round and square-line, and can be colour matched to your property.

We proudly serve clients in the following areas, and all those nearby:

  • Ashtead
  • Banstead
  • Chessington
  • Cobham
  • Dorking
  • Epsom
  • Guildford
  • Leatherhead
  • Weybridge
  • Woking
  • All Other Areas of Surrey

Have a question regarding our roofline products? Whether investing in new fascias, soffits, guttering or all three – call Leatherhead’s Pro-Fit Windows Ltd on 0208 288 8893.