Bring Light & Life Into Your Property With Our Beautiful Bi-fold Doors in Chessington & Surrey

Over recent years, the popularity of bi-fold doors has been on a steady rise. They’ve now cemented themselves as one of the best ways to seamlessly link two spaces, sometimes a garden and a home’s interior, other times two rooms inside the property. Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd has long served as the Surrey area’s favoured supplier and installer of bi-fold doors, helping clients find stunning products that tick every box on their wish list.

The key benefits of bi-folding doors over their more traditional cousins, include their distinctive “side stacking”, which both looks great and allows you to completely open up a space; the end result is making a transition between two areas of your home or place of work feel completely natural. On summer days, you can have them all the way to one side, letting an abundance of air and light in. Colder, rainier days? You can roll them back and partly close the blinds and enjoy a cosy sensation, with some ambient light allowed in for good measure.

Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd helps clients locate the perfect bi-folding doors for their property. So if you’ve decided to upgrade your home for functional reasons (e.g improving security or energy efficiency), or simply to add value by improving curb appeal, give us a call on 0208 2888 893 to book a consultation with our friendly team of specialists. We cover Chessington and all Surrey locations within a 15 mile radius.

A Range of Materials to Choose From

When opting for bi-folding doors, you have a choice between two materials: upVC and aluminium. The benefits associated with each are much the same as with windows. uPVC is the cheaper option, yet no slouch by any means; it’s strong, low maintenance, energy efficient and looks great to boot. Aluminium can be described in much the same way; the notable differences include: a slimmer profile (allowing more light in to your space), stronger build (aluminium is the ideal choice for a client whose principle concern is security), and a fundamentally different aesthetic.

While this last category is completely subjective, most of our clients agree aluminium bi-fold doors have a “premium” aesthetic, and are thus very appealing for those looking to add to their property’s market value. However, it could be that your property already includes uPVC windows and doors, and you’re simply looking to match them to keep the consistent style/design you’ve so far cultivated. Each client has unique concerns, and our services reflect that.

So what are you waiting for? Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd is Chessington and wider Surrey’s first port of call for quality uPVC and aluminium bi-fold doors. Call 0208 288 8893 today!