From Double Glazing to Bi-Fold Doors in Chessington | Our Products Explained

As a double glazing, doors and windows company with more than a century of trade experience, we only offer products from leading manufacturers that we trust for quality. Not only does this guarantee our customers in Chessington optimal performance for many years to come, it also proves cost-effective in the long-term too. With durable, robust and highly-functional features such as uPVC windows and aluminium bi-fold doors, concerns like repairs and replacement work doesn’t need to be entertained for some time. Whether homeowners or tradespeople come to us for a front door or a conservatory, they know that quality comes as standard.

Below, we have taken a more in-depth look at some of the most popular design features we install across the Chessington area.

A Closer Look at Our Popular Products

1. Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

In short, bi-fold doors consist of floor-to-ceiling door panels connected by hinges situated within tracks at the top and bottom. When folded in upon themselves, bi-fold doors slide smoothly, and quietly, along these tracks before stacking up against a wall in a concertina fashion. Components such as the gearing, top guide and carriage wheels make for an effortless and light user experience.

Aluminium bi-fold doors come fitted with toughened safety glass and multi-point locking systems that meet Secured by Design guidelines. Not only do these features offer Chessington homeowners outstanding natural lighting and a wide, free-flowing path into the garden, they also deliver outstanding security too.

When not folded back, a traffic door provides a more traditional access point for optimal convenience. With the latest glazing technology, aluminium bi-fold doors also offer impressive energy efficiency too.

2. A Composite Front Door

Composite doors consist of multiple materials pressed and glued together in high pressure conditions. These materials include a 70mm uPVC outer frame, a sub-frame of composite PVC and a hardwood inner frame. Galvanised steel reinforces the outer frame. While the sub-frame offers stability, the inner frame gives torsional rigidity. In addition, the core is filled with polyurethane (PU) foam for insulating qualities. Finally, a 2mm glass reinforced plastic offers external protection.

With these ingredients, our Chessington customers can find their perfect front door. Not only do composite designs offer exceptional energy efficiency, their robust nature also delivers unbeatable security. With a range of customisable colour and woodgrain effects, these front doors can also be personalised to suit any stylistic taste.

A composite front door comes with a multi-point locking system that complies with BS 6375 and PAS24. In fact, every front door that we stock meets the requirements outlined in Secured by Design.

3. uPVC Windows & Double Glazing

Standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, uPVC remains one of the most popular materials for window frames due to its incredible durability. In addition, the material has low-maintenance qualities too. Due to their position on the upper floors of homes and buildings, this makes them ideal as they rarely require cleaning, and when they do, it’s a simple process.

With notable thermal efficiency, especially when combined with double glazing, uPVC windows also play a vital role in helping to lower overall household heating bills. Perhaps most importantly, uPVC windows offer a low-cost alternative to aluminium and timber frames, making them a great fit for any budget.

Double glazing not only keeps warm air in, it also keeps the majority of noise out. This comes in handy for Chessington homeowners living on or near busy roads. Condensation, and associated water damage, also becomes less of a concern with double glazing thanks to the feature’s heat transference management. For the ultimate peace of mind, double glazing also increases security as it is far more difficult to break than single glazed windows.

To book an initial consultation regarding a new front door, aluminium bi-fold doors, or uPVC windows and double glazing in Chessington, call 0208 288 8893.