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Homeowners in Guildford and indeed the wider UK have realised that poor quality single glazing and frames made many years ago, when energy efficiency wasn’t nearly as understood as it is now, are causing their energy bills to skyrocket and subsequently, their carbon footprint to expand. That’s why in this day and age, it’s utterly integral that all external fixtures, from uPVC windows to aluminium bifold doors, are fitted with energy efficient double glazing.

This is where Pro-Fit Windows Ltd comes in. We install everything from a new front door, to bifold fold doors for the rear of our property – all of which can significantly improve your property’s ability to retain heat. If you’re looking to invest in the aforementioned fixtures, or new double glazing, pick up the phone and call us on 0208 2888 893. However, if you’d like to learn exactly what energy ratings mean and why they’re important to take into account – read on! That’s exactly what this particular article looks to explore.

Window Energy Ratings

Confusingly, there are multiple Window Energy Ratings created and operated by three separate industry bodies – the British Fenestration Rating Council, the British Standards Institute and CERTASS. While each looks to determine the same thing, whether or not uPVC windows and double glazing units are energy efficient, they run between different letter grades and have different colour coding systems. This means it’s important that Guildford clients who’ve used a particular system before to decide on what product they’re purchasing, should double check the system being employed.

For example, the British Fenestration Rating Council’s system runs from A++ to a lowest possible grade of E. The BSI’s version goes from A+ to G, while CERTASS opt for A through to E. All three calculate efficiency of uPVC windows and double glazing in the same way, considering: overall thermal efficiency, air leakage and solar gain. This latter term means how much solar heat passes through the window. Success in these different categories is contingent on frame material, glass type (triple glazing > double glazing > single glazing), and frame design.

Mathematically-orientated Guildford property owners may wish to consult the Energy Index, which is calculated via the formula: solar heat gains (window g-value) minus thermal losses (u-value + air leakage).

Door Energy Ratings

This system is almost identical to the aforementioned Window Energy Ratings which govern products we install like uPVC windows and double glazing. It’s based on a scale of A-G, and is also colour coded for quick and easy digestion. A and above can be safely seen as a good level of energy efficiency, and this is really what all Guildford property owners should be shooting for whether you’re investing in a front door or rear, aluminium bifold doors.

The rating system is operated by The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), and is based on U-value and air infiltration, which we touched on above. Unlike windows, solar gain is only considered in the rating process for doors with a glazed area in excess of 60% - for example, aluminium bifold doors. Standard front doors don’t take into account solar gain, due to the relative lack of double glazing in the structure.

If you would like advice choosing energy efficient uPVC windows, front doors, aluminium bifold doors or simple double glazing to replace existing single glazing units – don’t hesitate to give us a call. Pro-Fit Windows Ltd prides itself on offering not just quality, energy efficient products which can drastically reduce a household’s energy bills and carbon emissions, but fantastic customer service from first point of contact until the finished installation. We’ll help you find the perfect product for your Guildford home!

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