From Bi-Fold Doors to Double Glazing in Cobham | Prioritising Safety & Security

The team at Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd understands that the work we undertake has to ensure the highest levels of safety and security. As a company specialising in doors, windows and double glazing, we recognise our duty to make access points on homes as secure as possible. We stay up-to-date with industry developments, legal requirements and Building Regulations to ensure that our work offers nothing but the ultimate peace of mind. From a new front door to uPVC windows, and from aluminium bi-fold doors to a conservatory, homeowners in Cobham trust us when it comes to safety and security.

To outline the levels of protection we provide, we have taken a detailed a look the security and safety features included with some of our popular design features.

How We Make Access Points Secure

Energy Efficiency – One big advantage that modern products like uPVC windows and aluminium bifold doors have over older timber fixtures, is that they’re manufactured with energy efficiency firmly in mind. Their multi-chambered design helps trap air within your property, making it cosier in colder months, and cheaper to heat. We also that find more and more Banstead property owners are becoming eco-conscious, and want to make their home as green as possible. Replacing old and sub-par windows, and single glazing with double glazing, is a very effective way to do this.

Composite and uPVC Front Doors – When it comes to front doors, we only stock options that already come with highly robust qualities to start with. A uPVC front door offers impressive strength at a cost-effective price, while composite varieties provide unrivalled strength in the domestic sector. An additional factor in security, however, is the type of handle, and accompanying lock, that customers in Cobham decide to have installed.

Every composite front door we stock comes with a lever/lever handle system. With this feature, when a door remains unlocked, it can be opened from the outside by simply pulling the handle. A lever/lever handle requires the homeowner to manually lock the front door to ensure optimal security.

A split spindle handle system represents a security upgrade on the lever/lever, playing a vital role in lessening the risk of home burglary. When closing a front door with this system, the centre latch doesn’t release when pulling the handle from outside. If anyone wishes to gain entry from outdoors, they will always require a key.

uPVC Windows & Double Glazing – When it comes to upgrading windows, double glazing not only provides Cobham properties with an array of benefits in appearance and energy efficiency, but also security. Likewise, uPVC windows provide infinitely more strength in the long-term than timber frames that deteriorate and weaken. The combination of uPVC windows and double glazing also comes with a wide selection of the latest locking mechanisms, each specially designed to provide outstanding protection.

All of our windows and doors meet standards set in the Secured by Design scheme. When it comes to double glazing and uPVC windows, features include:

  • Glass secured to the frame by tight seals
  • Excluder devices that resist forcing and jemmying
  • Tough uPVC that remains hard to pry open or break
  • A design that makes it impossible to remove glass from outside

In addition, locking systems further enhance the security at Cobham homes. Multi-point locks bolt windows into the frame at varying points while shoot bolts, usually made of steel, secure windows at the top and bottom. Hinge restrictors limit the angle of opening while push button handles lock uPVC windows by simply turning the handle into place.

For safety glass option in the commercial sector, we also offer a comprehensive trade supply.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors – Due to their mostly glass structure, Cobham property owners sometimes raise concerns about the safety aspect of aluminium bi-fold doors. As time-served specialists, we can assure our customers that bi-fold doors offer outstanding security through a system of locks and toughened glazing.

The most common security feature for bi-fold doors remains a multi-point locking system. This consists of a hidden inline tracking system that makes it all but impossible for would-be intruders to lift the doors out of place. Concealed within the bottom track, the doors have an attachment to their gears. In order to gain entry, the intruders would need to remove the entire structure, which simply isn’t possible without seriously powerful tools.

What’s more, the concealed track also houses hardened steel lock pins for additional protection.

For optimal security, the panels of aluminium bi-fold doors in Cobham should have internally beaded frames. These overlap with the glass panels to prevent forced entries. We recommend double glazing as a minimum standard for bi-fold doors. Not only does it provide fantastic strength, it also plays a pivotal role in lower household heating bills.

If you’d like to discuss options for a new front door, uPVC windows and double glazing or aluminium bi-fold doors at your Cobham property, call 0208 288 8893.