Installing uPVC Windows or a New Front Door in Molesey | How We Do It

Here at Pro Fit Window Systems, we supply superior market-leading products to homeowners and tradespeople in the Molesey area. Whether our customers require aluminium bi-fold doors, double glazing, uPVC windows or a composite front door, a faultless installation ensures ongoing optimal performance for years to come. Our personnel share over 100 years of trade and industry experience, during which time we have complete countless installations to the very highest of standards.

Below, we have briefly outlined what our customers can expect when having their chosen products fitted by us.

Time-Served Installation Services

1. uPVC Windows & Double Glazing

As with most home improvement work, thorough surveying of Molesey sites remains the key to smooth, efficient installations. During this process, we check the integrity of the structural opening and their surrounding areas while gaining the exact dimensions needed for the manufacture of the new uPVC windows.

On the day of the installation itself, we check that the new uPVC windows match the same size of the existing ones before removing them. We allow for a 5mm expansion gap on the new frames. With everything in order, we remove the old frames.

When installing the new uPVC windows, we first screw the sill into the bottom of the frame. The choice of screw must not penetrate the frame’s inner skin. We also ensure that the ends of the sill and frame assembly have an adequate seal to prevent water ingress into the brickwork.

We then place the new uPVC windows into the aperture, ensuring it remains level and plumb. After drilling fixing holes approximately 150mm from the bottom and top corners, we fit the double glazing chosen from our range of glass products.

Where Molesey customers have opening casements hinged from the sides, we fit the glass at diagonally opposing corners, thus holding the casement square. We then install the beading to the positioned double glazing before carrying out finishes such as cleaning and applying silicone sealant.

2. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The assembly and installation of aluminium bi-fold doors requires an almost endless list of small operations that add up to the final construction. While we can’t go into that much detail here, we can look at the some of the early essential steps.

When it comes to a smooth fitting for aluminium bi-fold doors, several preliminary factors, where required, often prove the most important part of the entire process. These include gaining planning permission and undertaking any required building work to ensure the surrounding support structure remains in optimal condition. These differ on a case-by-case basis, so to clarify the situation at your Molesey home, please contact us.

With timescales and budgets set, our team gets to work promptly on the agreed upon date. The length of the installation itself differs depending on the size of the aluminium bi-fold doors being fitted and whether or not they are a brand-new addition or a replacement. Most systems can be installed within a day, but we only make solid guarantees based on specific projects.

3. Composite Front Doors

Much like fittings of uPVC windows and double glazing, we measure any new composite front door before removing the old one to ensure a perfect fit. With everything in order, we then remove the old door and frame. This includes the removal of existing beading to allow for the safe removal of glass. Cutting into the old frame at an angle, our team prises it away from the wall after removing any retaining screws.

To ensure a flush fit for the new front door frame, we remove all screws and retaining bolts and plugs as well as the old sealant and plaster. With a clear and clean space created, our team fits the new front door for our Molesey customers.

Our team undertakes thorough checks to ensure the door sits squarely before drilling holes through the frame and into the brickwork. We then check horizontal and vertical planes before tightening the retaining screws into the wall. After cleaning the area of dust and grit, we apply a finishing sealant.

To schedule an initial consultation regarding installation of a new front door, aluminium bi-fold doors or uPVC windows and double glazing in Molesey, call 0208 288 8893.