uPVC Windows & Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Surbiton | Energy Efficient Options

Design features covering access points need to meet more performance requirements than ever. In recent years, the importance of energy efficiency has become equally as vital as long-standing expectations of strength, security and aesthetic appeal. As homeowners and companies alike shift toward more environmentally-conscious stances, features such as uPVC windows, double glazing and aluminium bi-fold doors have developed accordingly. If you’re a property owner in Surbiton looking for a new front door or replacement windows, Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd has the energy efficient solution to suit any need.

We have detailed below how our range of products perform to current standards for energy efficiency.

1. Composite Front Doors

Due to an insulated foam core with outstanding thermal efficiency and noise-cancelling qualities, a composite front door tops many lists for home improvements in the Surbiton area. The high-density foam used has a CFC-free status, an Ozone Depletion Score of zero and a Global Warming Potential of below five. Not only that, but composite front doors far exceed Approved Document L standards in the Building Regulations.

Composite front doors have some of the most competitive U values on the market, leading the way in the drive toward greater energy efficiency. The minimum energy rating that a high-performance front door can receive (on a scale of A to G) is C. Naturally, A remains the optimal standard. The composite doors that we supply and fit in Surbiton and beyond fall within grades A to C.

2. Double Glazing

When it comes to preventing heat loss in a domestic home, double glazing remains a wise investment. Single glazed windows offer minimal insulation qualities, allowing as much as 20% of a home’s heat to pass through. An installation of double glazing brings about a fall in this figure and subsequently sees a reduction in energy usage and household heating bills.

In fact, double glazing has the ability to reduce window heat loss by as much as 74%. With energy costs rising seven times quicker than average household income in the time since 2004, the ability to reduce costs must always be welcome.

3. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Before we even consider the energy efficiency of aluminium bi-fold doors, it’s worth noting that approximately 90% of the metal used in our industry comes from recycled sources. This plays a significant role in lowering the overall carbon footprint of these bi-fold doors.

The key to thermal efficiency with aluminium bi-fold doors lays in the quality of the product and the installation. With Pro Fit Window Systems in their corner, these concerns don’t apply to our Surbiton customers. The majority of aluminium bi-fold doors achieve an impressive U value of around 1.3 to 1.4, allowing property owners an ideal blend of a sleek, contemporary look with high performance energy efficiency.

4. UPVC Windows

Playing just as vital a role in preventing window heat loss as double glazing, uPVC frames have impressive thermal efficiency credentials. Current Building Regulations state that all new homes must have windows with a Window Energy Rating of at least C. Much like the ratings applied to a front door, this scale ranges from A+ to G. In order to ascertain the rating, the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) inspects every aspect of uPVC windows to grade its performance.

Here at Pro Fit Window Systems, we supply uPVC windows with rating between A+ and C, ensuring that our customers in Surbiton receive products in line with the highest of standards.

For more details regarding the energy efficiency of our front doors, uPVC windows, aluminium bi-fold doors and double glazing in Surbiton, call 0208 288 8893.