The Surrey Area’s Timberlook Window Specialist

Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd is proud to supply Surrey residents with Timberlook flush sash windows, which replicate the look of 19th century wooden windows but are made from modern uPVC. This allows you to get the best of both worlds: a traditional, timeless look, with the kind of durability and energy efficiency which is expected of modern products. Our in-house installation team, which boasts many years of experience within the industry, ensure these products are implemented perfectly, sealing them and creating a seamless integration within your wider property’s aesthetic.

Timberlook flush windows feature mechanical joints, paired with an incredibly convincing butt-joint appearance; there’s truly nothing on the market which rivals its authenticity. Choose from the mortise and tenon styles which from a distance, are indiscernible from the type of flush sash designs you’ll find at heritage properties in and around our own hometown of Chessington.

Bringing Heritage Properties up to Modern Standards

One big benefit that these unique products bring to the table, is that local councils accept them in conservation areas where any development or alteration to a property must be in keeping with the original materials and design. Essentially, they mean that those with stunning period properties no longer have to accept common drawbacks that come with them: draughts, high energy bills, and security concerns due to how brittle and easily broken timber fixtures can be.

But one thing that often shocks our clients, is despite all the above benefits that Timberlook products provide – they’re also cheaper than replacing fixtures with real timber versions; it’s that oh so rare case of a product exceling in every category. Choose from Timberlook flush sash windows manufactured in a range of colours, as well as a selection of hardware and handles, to match up your new windows perfectly with the existing property.

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Why Upgrade to Timberlook?

Below we’ve listed just a few reasons why clients decide to replace their timber fixtures with Timberlook products:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase security
  • Reduce time and expense involved in maintenance
  • Replace rotten, warped or damaged timber fixtures
  • Bring a property up to modern standards

Want to learn more about the Timberlook flush sash windows we install for clients in Chessington, and all surrounding areas throughout Surrey? Call 0208 288 8893.