Terms & Conditions of Sale

The customer agrees to purchase and have installed and the Company agrees to Supply and install the products set out overleaf.

Any variations to works or spec must be agreed in writing by both parties.

  1. PARTIES: This agreement is between Pro-Fit Window Systems Ltd, referred to as the Company and the purchaser referred to as the customer. It is binding on both parties. The customer has no rights to cancellation as this is a bespoke contract. The Company does however, reserve the right to cancel this order if upon receipt of our surveyor's working detail, we consider that a satisfactory level of installation cannot be achieved. The customer will allow reasonable access to the Company's Surveyor.
  2. PAYMENT: Payment of the sum of money specified is immediately due as detailed, overleaf and the final payment on completion date of the installation. In the case of "supply only" goods, payment is immediately due upon delivery/collection of the goods. The Company will accept payment upon completion by cheque, debit card, credit card or Bank transfer. Failure to make payment under the agreed terms (unless these terms are varied and agreed by both parties) invalidates the guarantee.
  3. OWNERSHIP OF GOODS: The goods will remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.
  4. ADDITIONAL WORK: The customer is responsible for any removal and refitting of alarms/curtain rails/cables/pipes/tiling etc., and re-deco¬ rating. No additional works will be carried out other than those agreed on this contract (see overleaf). If any lintel construction defect or latent defects are found to be necessary during the course of the work, which could not have been reasonably detected at survey, an additional quote will be submitted for acceptance by the customer. It is the customers' responsibility to apply the finish to all woodwork used in the installation within a reasonable time of completion. The property will only be inspected around the proximity of the area immediately adjacent to each installation aperture, any loss of plaster/render due to aged and/or lack of adhesion for which ever reason will not be the responsibility of the Company. No internal or external decoration will be undertaken by the Company. No preparation will be carried out prior to redecoration. Structural integrity of the property is not assessed.
  5. GUARANTEES: The Company's guarantee for the period as follows: UPVC, aluminium, composite and timber products 10 years against warping, cracking, discolouring. Double glazed sealed glass units 5 years against failure i.e. condensation, discolouration, leadwork lifting or Georgian bars becoming loose. Hardware eg handle s, key barrels, hinges, letterboxes, door knobs 1 year. Silicone sealants, trims and all ancillary goods 1 year. Multipoint door locks are subject to the individual• manufacturer s' guarantees (typically between one and four years, information upon request). This guarantee is transferable to subsequent owners of the property. For any claims under this guarantee the company would request that the customer notifies the company in writing within 14 days of discovering any fault.
    1. Workmanship Guarantee – 2 years: - Guaranteed against physical faults or errors in the installation which have been caused by defective workmanship.
    2. Building Regulations – 6 years: - Where the works are registered with a Competent Person Scheme; this guarantee covers a breach of the Building Regulations in force at the time of the completion of the works.
  6. Conditions
    1. Guarantee periods effective start date is shown on this guarantee as the commencement date.
    2. Written permission is not required to assign Building Regulation guarantee activities to a third party which is freely transferable. All other aspects of this guarantee are transferable to new owners of the goods for an admin cost of £0.00
    3. In the event of a dispute relating to the terms of this guarantee the Certass Certification nominated Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider shall be used to mediate any disputes.
    4. Any failure of materials due to faulty workmanship under the term of this guarantee will be repaired or replaced at the supplier/installation company’s sole discretion.
      1. No guarantee is given as to the elimination of condensation.
      2. Cosmetic deterioration to handles, letter plates and door handles etc. due to general wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee.
      3. All guarantees are given in good faith. However, if it is deemed after a visit from a company representative that our product has been misused, tampered or damaged in any way etc, we will render the guarantee null and void, leaving any remedial work to be carried out at a pre-arranged fee, which shall be payable before any work commences.
  7. PERMISSIONS: The Company will endeavour to provide reasonable advice and guidance regarding any Planning or Building Regulation permission required by the customer at the pre-contract stage. However, the customer shall be wholly responsible for obtaining any such necessary Planning, Building Reg Legal, or other permissions prior to installation.
  8. INSTALLATIONS AND SUPPLY DATES: An approximate installation date (or supply date for "supply only" goods) will be given by the Company (see Face of Contract) but this may be affected by circumstances beyond the Company's control. The Company will endeavour to meet the approximate date shown, however, the Company cannot be liable for any such delays and will not compensate financial or otherwise. The company will not offer financial compensation and the customer will not make any deductions to the balance owing under any circumstances. 8a. TIME: shall not be the essence of the contract, however, where an installation must be finished for the customer by a certain date, such a date must be expressly stated by the Company on the face of the Contract. For installed goods, the customer must provide reasonable access to the property for installation to proceed: where this is withheld or delayed unnecessarily by the customer, the Company shall give 14 days' written notice. Should the installation thereafter not be completed, due to lack of access, then the Company will be entitled to charge for the cost of the materials, reasonable labour expended, 15% profit, 15% overhead. Such costings to be justified by the Company in writing.
  9. SERVICE CALLS: The Company do not operate a 24 hour call out service. The company will make every effort to attend a service call within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.
  10. PARKING: The customer agrees to make adequate arrangements for parking during the installation period, parking permits must be supplied and the cost of parking meters funded where necessary.
  11. GLASS: Minor imperfections within the glass and outside the scope of the GGF Standards (i.e. any glass defect not apparent in normal daylight by the naked eye at a distance of 2 mtrs will not be construed as a defect.) It is not uncommon that some distortion can occur on double or triple glazed units when viewed from various aspects. The Company cannot be responsible for glass breakages once installed. The Company can give no warranty concerning the incidences, prevention or elimination of condensation following installation.
  12. SURVEY DETAILS: Following receipt of the survey the Company may need to make alterations/ modifications to the design or specification of goods necessary to facilitate manufacture/installation. Any such altera¬tions/modification will only be made with the full agreement of the customer. The design and spacing of leaded and Georgian style products will' be fully discussed and confirmed with the full agreement of the customer at the time of the survey and will become binding by signing the survey. The contract shall become binding in the case of "supply only" goods.
  13. STANDARD SPECIFICATION: The Company will supply a 1.6 U value product unless otherwise stated overleaf to all orders. White coloured handles will be supplied on all white or woodgrain-on-white products, gold coloured handles will be fitted to all woodgrain products, chrome fitted to grey products. Espagnolette locking will be applied to windows and none shoot bolt locking to doors. French doors will have manual slave door operation (no handle) unless otherwise stat ed.
  14. STANDARD RIGHTS: The rights of the customer shall generally be those as set out in Consumer Rights Act 2015 and also within the Common Rights under English contract law. The foregoing terms and conditions do not seek to replace nor override any rights the customer may have above statutes.