The Design Features of Your New uPVC Windows and Front Door in Leatherhead

The products that we supply and fit for homeowners in the Leatherhead area come sourced from market-leading manufacturers. This ensures that the items we sell meet the expectations of our customers and ourselves as a company. From double glazing to aluminium bi-fold doors, and from uPVC windows to a composite front door, we stock home additions with the latest technology and design features. These advancements come about through years of development and with the sole intention of making daily life that little bit more comfortable and convenient.

Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the most important design features that have been integrated into our range of products over the years.

Design Features of Our Popular Products

1. Double Glazing

There is a lot more science behind double glazing than initially meets the eye. While most people know that, by its very name, double glazing has two panes of glass, the design features that make it work so well often go unrecognised.

A small gap separates the two panes of glass in double glazing installations. Depending on the type of windows our customers in Leatherhead buy, this space can be filled with either air or argon gas. As a poor conductor of heat, the air in this gap stops warm air passing through from the first pane to the second. Denser than air, argon performs this task even more efficiently.

Naturally, the wider this gap between the two panes, the more efficiently double glazing systems work. The logistics of installing windows into domestic homes, however, means a gap of 20mm provides optimal performance. Lesser distances still work impressively too.

2. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

One of the most important design features in aluminium bi-fold doors remains that of thermally broken frames. While this may sound like the bi-fold doors have suffered an unfortunate accident, it actually provides property owners in Leatherhead with a solution to an old insulation problem.

Much like the science behind double glazing, a thermal break separates two or more panes of glass with the use of a barrier to prevent conductive heat loss. Unlike double glazing in uPVC windows, the frames of aluminium bi-fold doors utilise a reinforced polyamide bar in the space between the interior and exterior profiles.

This design feature helped to rectify insulating problems with aluminium itself. As a material, aluminium conducts heat and cold well, meaning it adds to the heat in summer and the cold in winter. With an insulated barrier within the frame itself, however, aluminium bi-fold doors offer as much thermal insulation as the double glazing windows they hold.

3. Composite Front Doors

When it comes to composite front doors, it’s difficult to focus on one design feature. This type of front door seems to consist entirely of features designed to make them a market-leading product. Composite doors have been manufactured to provide stunning aesthetics, outstanding thermal efficiency as well as unrivalled strength and security. Quite simply, they combine an array of design features to provide the perfect front door.

A polyurethane foam core delivers the all-important energy efficiency, drastically lowering the amount of heat lost through the door itself. Surrounding that, a hardwood inner frame and uPVC outer frame with galvanised steel add rigidity and robustness. A composite PVC sub-frame only adds to the stability.

The surface of a composite front door consists of glass reinforced plastic. Not only does this prevent denting, warping and cracking, it also has customisable qualities, allowing homeowners in Leatherhead the opportunity to add a distinctive, self-expressive touch to their property.

4. uPVC Windows

Having become a ubiquitous aspect of properties throughout the country for decades now, uPVC windows have undergone various changes to improve their performance and appearance. As with a composite front door, we can’t only focus on one!

UPVC windows consist of a multi-chamber profile, a feature that contributes greatly to sound and thermal insulation. The profile of the frame itself measures in at 70mm, the ideal size for undertaking replacement work. If our customers in Leatherhead require this kind of service, little-to-no redecoration work is required.

Installations of uPVC windows also contain high density foam insulation. While uPVC itself has impressive insulation qualities, the addition of foam optimises energy efficiency performance, helping to retain heat in the cold winter months.

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