Lantern Roofs in Chessington & the Surrey Area

What to Expect from a Lantern Roof

For property owners in search of a simple, elegant and contemporary addition to their home that brings a warm and fresh feel to gloomy interiors, lantern roofs remain the obvious choice. These structures of glass and uPVC or aluminium transform flat roofs in Chessington, Leatherhead, Surbiton and the neighbouring areas into a key part of modern, aspirational living areas.

We cater to dimensions and existing design schemes, tailoring the contemporary aesthetics of our lantern roofs to not only complement but enhance homes. Not only do these additions look stunning, they also provide exceptional energy efficiency. We can attain a 1.0 U-value, saving our customers money on their heating bills in the long-term.

With customisable features, we style lantern roofs to suit any need. Frame colour options include white, rosewood, golden oak, anthracite and moondust. These frames come in two and three-bar variants, allowing flexibility for the glassed area. The glazing itself has self-cleaning, temperature-controlled qualities as standard and can remain clear or coloured blue, neutral, bronze or aqua.

Traditional Lanterns

Our bespoke, traditional roof lanterns can make a room seem larger than it was before. It can also flood the space with light, ensuring it feels warm and welcoming to all those who enter. Being inspired by classical architecture, they’re best suited to Victorian homes and similar characterful properties, as well as orangeries.

Contemporary Lanterns

If your property is a more recent build, or has undergone a recent refurbishment, contemporary lanterns can be a perfect fit; they’re slim, sleek and stylish – while being just as thermally efficient as their traditional cousins. Their design maximises the glass surface area within each frame, meaning an unrivalled level of light accessing your property, perfect for those bright summer days.

Flat Roof Lanterns

But if you have an extension or similar flat roofed space, you don’t have to miss out on the fun! Flat roof lanterns can add a sense of complexity and luxury to an otherwise plain, utilitarian flat roof. They also help you navigate one of the few drawbacks of flat roofs: a lack of light and air. So with our flat roof lanterns, you can bring a little bit of outdoor charm, inside.

Whichever options our customers choose, the final result blends into the aesthetics of almost any home while flooding the room beneath with natural light, creating a bright, vibrant space full of energy.

We provide lantern roofs in the following designs:

  • Flat Roof Lanterns
  • Double Hipped Roof Lanterns
  • Rectangular Roof Lanterns
  • Square Roof Lanterns

For more details regarding conservatory construction or lantern roof installation in Chessington and the neighbouring locations, call 0208 288 8893.