A Full Range of Quality, Modern Fixtures including uPVC Windows & Aluminium Bifold Doors in Banstead

Back in the day, Banstead homes would solely feature timber windows, and their back / front door would be made of the very same material. During this time, double glazing hadn’t even been dreamed up! While timber is a very attractive material and also functional, being ubiquitously employed for both fixtures and furniture, it also came with a number of drawbacks. As modern materials began to be used – from uPVC windows to aluminium bifold doors – many of these problems were circumvented.

Pro-Fit Windows Ltd is the leading supplier and installer of top quality modern windows and doors in Banstead. Many of our clients still have timber fixtures. If they were recently manufactured, or have antique features that mean it makes a lot of sense to restore them, then it’s unlikely we’d recommend replacing them with uPVC, composite or aluminium products. But sometimes, we attend situations where old, poor quality timber fixtures, which often lack double glazing, are impacting a home’s aesthetic and its energy bills, too.

In this article, we’ve looked at a few of the most attractive benefits of uPVC windows, aluminium doors, composite front doors and similar modern materials, to show why you should consider them when needing to replace timber fixtures. If you ultimately decide to invest in the aforementioned products, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0208 2888893. We cover not just Banstead, but all surrounding Surrey locales!

The Many Benefits of Modern Materials

Energy Efficiency – One big advantage that modern products like uPVC windows and aluminium bifold doors have over older timber fixtures, is that they’re manufactured with energy efficiency firmly in mind. Their multi-chambered design helps trap air within your property, making it cosier in colder months, and cheaper to heat. We also that find more and more Banstead property owners are becoming eco-conscious, and want to make their home as green as possible. Replacing old and sub-par windows, and single glazing with double glazing, is a very effective way to do this.

Durability & Security – Certain hardwoods are very durable, and make for a great, secure front door. But oftentimes, especially with older wooden windows and doors, timber can present a vulnerability that could be easily exploited by a potential intruder (although luckily Banstead is quite a safe area). This danger is two-fold if the fixture in question isn’t equipped with at least double glazing. The chambered design previously mentioned means uPVC windows and aluminium bifold doors, for example, are extremely tough and resistant to attempted break-ins. The latter material, especially – which provides unparalleled durability.

Maintenance – The biggest complaint we receive from timber window and front door owners is the amount of maintenance involved in their upkeep. They need careful cleaning, varnishing and the odd paint job to keep them looking 100%. Compare this with uPVC windows or aluminium bifold doors, or indeed a composite front door, which only ever need the odd wipe down with water and soap. You could save a lot of time and money on maintenance, and some equate the two!

Issues – Timber is prone to warping, rotting and splintering if the aforementioned maintenance procedures aren’t properly carried out. Modern materials don’t suffer from these problems, even if they’re somewhat neglected. Owners of uPVC windows, aluminium bifold doors and composite front doors receive peace of mind knowing that they won’t be left hundreds of pounds in the hole due to their windows / doors suffering a deadly defect.

Value – Modern windows and front doors are increasingly sought after by house hunters in Banstead and the wider UK. Old and problematic timber fixtures, as with a lack of double glazing, can also reduce the overall value of a property. In this respect, investing in things like uPVC windows, aluminium bifold doors or a composite front door could boost the value of your property and mean that the investment pays for itself.

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