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Here at Pro Fit Window Systems Ltd, we supply various trades with rigorously-tested safety glass. Whether in our hometown of Chessington, or neighbouring locations such as Leatherhead, Molesey, Oxshott and Surbiton, we provide trusted glazing solutions that fully comply with the legal requirements set down in the Building Regulations. With a team sharing more than a century of trade and industry experience, we always find a safe, high-performance and lawful solution for any circumstances.

Below, we have outlined some of the legislation that our safety glass meets.


Approved Document K – Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact




K4 – Glazing with which people are likely to come into contact while moving in or about a building shall:


  1. If broken on impact, break in a way which is unlikely to cause injury; or
  2. Resist impact without breaking; or
  3. Be protected or shielded from impact


The approved document offers guidance on the new requirement for glazing that is located:


  1. Between floor level and 800mm above that level in internal walls
  2. Between floor level and 1500mm above that level in a door, or in a side panel within 300mm of the door

The risks associated with glazing can be reduced if the glass in critical locations is:


  1. Laminated glass – This glass breaks in the same way as the individual glasses that make up the laminate, but the cracked glass will continue to adhere to a plastic interlayer.
  2. Toughened (tempered) glass – Thermally-toughened glass is comparatively difficult to break. If broken, it will fragment into very small, relatively harmless pieces. This reduces the likelihood of glass breaking in a dangerous way but doesn’t remove the risk completely.
  3. Glazed in small panes – Either as a single small pane or a series of panes.
  4. Given permanent screen protection – So that the glazing is installed behind a protective screen.


This screen should:


  1. Prevent a sphere of 75mm coming into contact with the glazing;
  2. Be robust and
  3. Be difficult to climb.


Glazing that is afforded permanent screen protection does not need to comply with the requirement.


Please contact us for more information regarding our trade supply. The team at Pro Fit Window Systems are always happy to help.

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To talk over trade supply and safety glass options for premises in Chessington, Ashtead, Dorking, Epsom, Esher and beyond, call 0208 288 8893.

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